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All About Us


Passionate About Walking in the Holme Valley

When Lockdown started at the beginning of 2020, outdoor activity was limited to an hour of exercise per day. For Marty, he has only known living in Lockdown and living in and near the Holme Valley.

Whilst we have walked the same routes some days, we have tried as much as possible to have a different walk each day, discovering new places. We moved to the Holme Valley almost 20 years ago, but having Marty has enabled us to discover so much of the amazing place that we live. The Holme Valley is a remarkable place of beauty, gorgeous villages stunning scenery. Our Valley is full of outstanding small and bespoke businesses and it needs discovering. At time we venture across the hill to Derbyshire too; that is a pretty special place as well. 

So here we are. Our website. On this site, we are sharing our Walking routes with you, for free because we love walking and we love where we live. We have some routes that add a little more adventure for Kids (although adults will hopefully love them too). We want a place to share our routes for the people of the Holme Valley to discover the places that we have discovered. We want a place to share ideas for those coming into the Valley either permanently or for a day / holiday to find some of our little gems. 

Come along, join us, discover the Holme Valley and beyond and come for a walk with Marty

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