Scarecrow festival


2020 has brought so many challenges to so many people. Events cancelled and so many lives impacted. At St.Davids Church, every year we hold an incredible Firework Display for 2 reasons. Firstly it brings in income to support local good causes (money that has now been lost) but it secondly brings so much happiness to people from within our community and beyond. It wasn't unexpected that this year we have sadly and regrettably needed to cancel the Firework Display at St.Davids. However, we were determined that we would still do something that could bring about happiness for every individual in our Community and beyond and also do some good for local causes too. 


From the 2nd to the 8th November we will be hosting the very first Holmbridge Scarecrow Festival. This year there will be 35 different places to spot the Scarecrows! We hope that this brings you happiness and can also make a massive difference to our community (all funds raised split between Hinchliffe Mill J&I School & St.Davids Projects) 

The map is available to download for FREE. Below you will find a button for download and a button to DONATE safely for the route to support local projects